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Dog translator has been caught cheating

A dog translator has apparently been caught using a loophole in Japanese translation rules to cheat the game, with the club of the same name also accused of using their own translators to translate.

Italian football club FC Genoa has been accused of illegally using a dog translator to help their club coach.

According to Sport Italia, Genoa coach Roberto Ferrari has admitted to using a translator to translate certain sections of his own training sessions.

Genoa’s translation was seen by the club’s owner, Bruno De Pasquale, who called for the team’s president to be held responsible.

“I’ve seen this behaviour before, it’s an indication of how little control Genoa are,” De Pasqale said.

“The club should take responsibility for their actions and be held accountable.”

The Genoa president, Alessandro Del Piero, said in a statement that “a dog translator who has been employed by the team for over a year should be punished for what he did.”

The club’s head of football, Massimo Caruso, told La Gazzetta dello Sport that the club “did nothing wrong” in using their translator and added that Genoa had been contacted by the authorities about the issue.

“We have received a formal letter from the Italian police and will take the necessary steps to cooperate with the authorities,” he added.

The Genoan president added that the team would take action against the translator if the allegations proved to be true.

“Genoa are the most powerful team in Serie A, and they have the right to hire their own translator,” Carusa said.

“We have the option to appeal against the decision.

Genoa’s head coach Roberto Ferrara is a professional, and he should know better than to hire a dog.”

Genoa is currently seventh in Serie B, two points adrift of the top spot with five games to play.

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