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When Google Translate is broken

Google Translator is broken, and the company is trying to fix it, with a new version of its app set to be released on April 11.

Google says it will be updating the app with new features to help users “read and type faster,” including a new mode that allows users to type more precisely, faster.

It’s also adding new languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Arabic.

The company said it would be updating translations for people in countries that have been affected by the coronavirus.

The update is scheduled to go live on April 13.

Google said it plans to expand the app to more countries, including the United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa.

Google is also updating its search app to add a “Google Translator” button that allows search results to be translated to other languages.

The app has already had some bugs, and Google says more will be fixed in the coming weeks.

Google Translators was originally launched in 2007 and was bought by Google in 2016.

But Google is now owned by Alphabet, a Google-owned company.

Google’s new Google Translations app is part of a larger effort to improve the service.

It includes improved search results, better autocomplete, and support for more languages.

Google has also said it will soon add translations for Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese.

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