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‘The best news on Israel’s border’: French-language channel Al Jazeera English

In French-speaking countries, Arabic-speaking ones, Arabic language is spoken, which means that you don’t have to know Hebrew.

However, in Israel, where many of its citizens do not speak Hebrew, the language of the state is spoken.

Al Jazeera English, an English-language Arabic-language television network, launched a French-focused channel in May 2018.

“Our aim was to bring French-speakers together to watch news, talk about events and share our opinions on the issues of the day.

The Arabic language has been used in France for many centuries, so it was very natural that we chose Arabic to showcase our programming and help make Al Jazeera Arabic more accessible for the French-Arabic audience,” Al Jazeera French President Youssef Zaki told Al Jazeera.

The channel will be hosted in France by its executive producer, Jean-Yves Joly.

Al Jazeera’s Arabic-accented Arabic subtitles will be available in French, English and French- and Arabic-dubbed versions.

“The goal is to help our viewers to understand the news and the political developments in their country, without having to know any Arabic,” Zaki said.

“I think we can be more successful by using the language that we are familiar with and our culture to bring to life the news.”

Al Jazeera French also plans to make available its French-subtitled Arabic-subbed news channels in the US, UK and Australia, as well as French-dance channels.

Zaki said that in addition to the channel’s English- and French -language programming, the channel plans to launch an Arabic-focused Al Jazeera TV channel in the Middle East.

Al Jazeera said it will also continue to operate in English, with a French edition of the channel, and in Arabic with a separate French channel.

The channel also plans on launching an Arabic channel in Germany, but this was delayed due to the current German government.

Zaki noted that Al Jazeera is an international network, and it would not necessarily be a priority for the Israeli government, since its goal is “to make Aljazeera Arabic more widely accessible.”

“We believe that we can do this by partnering with other media outlets,” ZAKI said.

“We are hoping to expand this collaboration to other parts of the world.”

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