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How to speak English in a foreign language

Translating the language of your choice to English is easy.

Here are 10 simple ways you can begin the process.


Listen to a translation If you can’t speak English yet, try a translation of a popular song or film.

For example, if you’re on the hunt for a favorite Japanese film, look up the lyrics to the title, “The Tale of the Black Swordsman.”

The subtitles help you understand the Japanese words.


Read an English book If you’re learning a new language, read an English-language book.

This will help you learn vocabulary and grammatical concepts that you might not have encountered before.

If you don’t have a copy of a language textbook handy, consider buying a free one.


Watch a movie The best way to learn English is to watch a movie.

It’ll make it easier to catch up on your favorite movies and learn more about the language.

Read subtitles on the DVD or on the Internet.


Listen in class This is a great way to practice listening and speaking English.

Listen for English words that you don’ recognize and then listen to those words in Japanese.

The Japanese language is a highly formal language, so you may need to practice speaking slowly.


Read a book The best English book is The Oxford English Dictionary.

It’s a good reference to start with.

This book covers the English language from the first sentence to the last.

If the author is a native English speaker, you may also want to consider a book from a different language like The King James Bible or The New King James Version.


Go to a language school or language festival You can learn English in the classroom, too.

Learn the language at a language festival, which is held in more than 60 countries.

These events are typically held in countries with large populations.

Here’s how to find a language exchange in your area.


Listen at a cafe If you prefer to eat your meals at home, consider going to a cafe to practice the language on the spot.

A café will let you listen to your food while you learn.


Practice your language at home The first time you learn to speak another language, you can practice it in your own home.

Practice speaking your own language to see how you feel, and then go back to your classroom and do it again.

You can practice at home for a couple of weeks to learn the language, and you’ll likely get better at it over time.


Try your first podcast This is the first time your English skills have been used for a podcast, and it might seem like you’re not learning anything new.

Podcasts allow you to practice your English in person.

You’ll learn the basics of grammar and pronunciation, and also learn new phrases and phrases that might not seem familiar.

You might even get a few laughs.

You don’t need to be a professional or an expert to listen to a podcast.

Just enjoy listening to someone else try to speak the language for a short period of time.


Listen on your smartphone If you like listening to podcasts, try listening on your phone.

You’re going to have more fun when you’re talking to someone who has a good English accent.

It can be helpful to use your smartphone while speaking in a different accent, or even while listening to a movie or listening to an English podcast.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably a good candidate to try to learn Japanese in Japan.

But if you still can’t, you might be able to learn more English in Japan through a variety of resources.

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