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Translate-translator-german Translation Newsroom What is the future of the Microsoft translation?

What is the future of the Microsoft translation?

The future of Microsoft’s translations has long been uncertain.

But that is changing.

In a recent article, Microsoft wrote that it is planning to expand its translation capabilities with an all-new translator.

Its new translator will be able to handle both local and international speech.

Microsoft has yet to specify how it will translate the Microsoft language.

But its plan to do so is set to take place at the end of this year, the company wrote.

Microsoft is also looking to expand the number of languages it will be translating.

It will now be able “to translate as many as 20 languages at a time,” Microsoft wrote in the article.

That includes languages that are currently translated by Google and Microsoft’s own translations.

Microsoft’s plans to use the new translator include languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Microsoft will also be looking to translate Chinese and Japanese.

Microsoft recently added a translator for Spanish, Portuguese, and Portuguese-Brazilian Portuguese.

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