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“Don’t Give Up on Your Dog”

“You can’t put a price on a person, and it’s not possible to judge the worth of a dog.

So I have to say, for now, my dog is the best.”

— John Lott, former mayor of Seattle, March 6, 2019.

John Lettons own dog, Dolly, is a rescue and rehabilitation dog and was adopted by the Lott family in 1996.

He was adopted from the Kennel Club in 1992 and lived for six years at the shelter before he was taken into foster care.

“I always thought I was good enough to live with people, but I guess the world changed,” Lott told the Washington Post in 2015.

“It changed my view of dogs.”

“I was always a little bit of a dilettante,” he said, adding that he was “not the best-looking dog” but “the best in the world at being a companion.”

“You really have to know yourself and you have to be able to trust your instincts and that’s why I was so good at working with dogs.”

In 2007, the Los Angeles Times ran an article about Dolly’s story, which included a photo of the two-year-old Labrador retriever.

“Dolly’s an incredible, great, loving dog,” said the newspaper’s Los Angeles correspondent, Sarah Kliff.

“She is a real gift.

But Dolly also loves to get up and bark.

Dolly is always out in the yard barking and playing.

She’s an excellent neighbor.”

When asked about Dollys behavior in the article, Lott was quick to respond.

“Well, she is a bit of an outcast in our house,” Letton said.

“A little bit.”

But he also expressed appreciation for the community and said, “I love our dog.

She is a very special dog.”

The article also described how Dolly was a member of a group of dog walkers at a shelter in Seattle that included Lott.

“They have a very nice relationship with us and we have a great relationship with them,” Littons wife, Jill Lott of Seattle said at the time.

“We are very close, and I don’t think we are too far apart.”

Lott’s son, John, said he was disappointed in the Littles.

“My dad was always the first to admit that he had a very difficult relationship with his dog, but it wasn’t about his dog,” he told the Times.

“He knew he could never have a relationship with her.”

But when the Lettots were asked about the adoption of their daughter, the adoption agency told them that it would not have allowed it.

The Washington Post also reported that the Letts were “troubled” by the news of their dogs’ adoption.

“The Lottes and their four dogs were adopted out of a shelter for the poor and destitute,” the newspaper reported.

“Some of the dogs were neglected, some died in shelters or shelters, and some were abandoned.”

The Litties were eventually reunited with their daughter.

In 2016, Lettles wife told the Associated Press that he hoped the Luttons’ dogs would find a new home.

“Our whole world has changed,” Jill Lettas said.

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