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Translate-translator-german Translation Emergencies What do you think of the trade for Brandon Prust?

What do you think of the trade for Brandon Prust?

It’s been a rough month for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

But if they’re going to get a new coach in 2018, it’ll be by trade, and the team’s going to need to make a major move to get one.

It’s not hard to envision the Lightning making a deal to send Prust to the Detroit Red Wings, and that’s what the Lightning were hoping to do with a trade on Tuesday that sent defenseman Victor Hedman to the Wings.

The Lightning had a deal on the table to send Hedman, defenseman Victor Stralman, and forward Matt Carle to the Red Wings for defenseman Victor Arvidsson, defenseman Nikita Kucherov, defenseman J.T. Brown, forward Luke Witkowski, forward Joonas Korpisalo, defenseman Nikolay Goldobin, and a 2018 first-round pick.

The Red Wings had no intention of moving any of their assets, and they had a chance to get back their top-four defenseman.

However, they didn’t want to risk losing Arvidson and his salary.

So, what would the Red Wing have to give up?

They could get back the same players that the Lightning acquired.

That was the point of the deal.

The Lightning had to get the best possible return, and for the Wings to be willing to give him up.

However, it’s not clear what kind of deal they could make.

Detroit had some assets they could use to get Arvidssons salary, but they could also get a return on the first-rounder they received from the Lightning for Arvids deal.

It would also be interesting to see if the Wings could get the Redwing a return for the 2018 first round pick they received, but it’s unclear how much of a return that is.

The Wings would also have to agree to waive the 2018 third-round selection and a 2019 second-rounder.

The Red Wings did this earlier in the trade.

The draft pick that they got in return is tied to the Lightning’s first- and second-round picks, and it’s tied to Hedman’s salary.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the Redwings would have to waive a player to get Hedman.

The Free Press said that the trade could have gone through if the Lightning had been willing to waive Hedman in the first place.

But now, with the trade done and the Lightning ready to move forward, the Wings are in a tough spot.

They would need to trade away some of their young assets in order to get what they want.

The other option for the Red Wings is to move back to the NHL and try to sign the Lightning forward and a defenseman, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Anaheim Ducks, and get back a top-line forward, like Detroit’s Tomas Jurco or Tampa Bay’s Vladislav Namestnikov.

It appears that the Wings aren’t going to be able to get those players in the coming months.

The trade also raises a number of questions about what sort of deal will be made.

What kind of compensation would the Lightning have to pay the RedWings to get some of the players?

What happens to Hedmen?

How much of Hedman will he earn?

The Lightning would have had to offer up some sort of a bonus, which could have made the deal worthwhile.

It also raised the question of whether the Lightning could have traded a first- or second-line player to bring in another player for Hedman who had been injured.

The possibility of signing a free agent player for some of Hedmen’s salary was something the Lightning wanted to explore, but now it appears that there’s a lack of interest.

The team’s not going to look at a third-liner like Hedman because he’ll be on a one-year deal, and he could potentially cost them a player they would like to add to their roster.

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