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Translate-translator-german Translation Newsroom A Google translation site that can help you understand Arabic

A Google translation site that can help you understand Arabic

By Ali Elshikh, The Guardian UKA Google translation service is becoming a hot topic.

The company has been using the technology to help people translate text in Arabic and other languages.

Google, in partnership with Al Jazeera English, is offering free translation services in Arabic.

Al Jazeera has also used the translation technology to translate some of the content in this article.

Google has been working with Al-Jazeera English for years.

Al- Jazeera English has used Google Translate to translate the content from the site of Arabic-language broadcaster Al Jazeera America, in addition to its own content.

The technology has been used by Al Jazeera to translate Arabic articles from the website of The Economist in the past, and it has been widely used to translate content from other sites, such as Al Jazeera Arabic.

Google says it has worked with the company to make the translations available for free.

“We are very pleased to offer free translation for Al Jazeera and to make this available to everyone,” Google spokesperson Andrea DiGiulian said in a statement.

Google’s new Arabic-to-English translation is not the only service being offered for free online.

There are a number of sites that offer translations of articles from other websites.

However, Google’s free service has the advantage of being the only one offering Arabic-English translations.

Aljazeera English is one of those sites, and Al Jazeera’s Arabic-Spanish website is the other.

Al Jazeera English was created by British journalist and anchor Hamza Yusuf in 2001.

It is the largest English-language English-to the Arabic-speaking world.

Its main channel is Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, which is owned by Qatar-based media group Al Jazeera.

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