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How to get your child vaccinated with French translation

How do you get your kid vaccinated with the French language vaccine?

The question comes to mind because many of the families who were asked to sign up for the vaccine have already done so.

The French language vaccines are available in French pharmacies across the country and the government has even introduced a bilingual vaccine website for the children.

But this has left some parents in some of the most densely populated districts in the country frustrated.

The vaccines are being distributed by French-language organizations in the most populous areas of the country where the majority of the population is in the minority.

For those who can’t afford to go to a pharmacy and find a French-speaking doctor, they have to ask a parent to go.

The National Health Ministry says that French language teachers and parents are in charge of the distribution.

“It’s important that parents are aware that the French vaccine is being distributed,” said Anees Afzal, a spokesperson for the ministry.

“Parents are being asked to contact the French version of their local hospital or health centre.

We can’t provide more details about this process at this time.”

A few hundred children and their parents are participating in the French flu vaccine trials that are run by French language and French-French school programs.

Afzale said the number of children participating in these trials has grown to 1,000.

But he said this number is “too small” to give a definitive figure of how many of them have been vaccinated.

Some of the children are enrolled in a trial to get vaccinated for a specific virus.

For example, one of the French-English bilingual flu vaccines, the FluMist, is being tested for the coronavirus.

In fact, the French vaccination campaign has been dubbed the “Bilingual Vaccine Campaign.”

The French language flu vaccine was developed by the government to meet the needs of the minority French-speakers who have no access to health care services in France.

The FluMist vaccine is available in all the major French-french language flu centers.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey of 2011, French-Canadian and French are the only minority groups in the nation where the number is more than 50 per cent.

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