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Translate-translator-german Translation Emergencies How Thai and Indonesian translators work together to translate sites in the South-East Asian region

How Thai and Indonesian translators work together to translate sites in the South-East Asian region

A team of Thai and Indonesia translators has teamed up to make a website for Thai users that translates Chinese-language sites in Southeast Asia.

“It is really a big challenge for Thai and Indonesians to be able to share information,” says Jatpavit Pham.

“We are a couple of Thai translators, so we really need to be good friends.”

Pham started translating sites for Thai consumers in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines back in 2015 and has since developed a reputation for being able to translate Chinese-based content quickly.

“The goal of translating is to help Thai consumers to feel more confident and to feel less intimidated,” says Pham, who now runs Thai Translations.

The team of translators uses a combination of language and technology to translate websites.

The translators make their own translations of content and have the resources to create a website that works with a variety of platforms.

“There are a lot of different ways of translating,” says Nithorn Gopalakrishnan, a former translator who works for a global technology company.

“You can use Google Translate or something similar.”

It’s a lot more expensive than just translating from the language you speak, but it is a much more rewarding experience for translators.

“As translators we want to be as efficient as possible, and we want the translation to be in the best interest of the consumers,” says Gopalagrishnan.

In addition to translating Chinese-speaking sites, Pham has also helped translate Indonesian-language content, and she says the company is currently working on a project to translate a large number of pages for Indonesian companies.

“If you have a Thai-language site that is being translated by a local company, the translation can be much more effective because we can see a lot better translations,” says Chanda Thimmasambikaran, a translator who helps create the Thai-based website.

Translators like Pham are not just there to translate, but also to help with content development and marketing.

The content team is based in Thailand and has a team in Indonesia and Malaysia.

It also has a social media team, a blog and a Facebook page.

“When I started translating, there were no blogs or social media channels for Thai translats,” says Thammasambika.

“So I started creating my own.

It’s really interesting how much content is translated from a Thai site into Indonesian.”

Thammamsambikara is working on her own project, but the Thai company has already launched a website to help Indonesians in Thailand.

“Thailand is very, very important to us,” she says.

“People often ask us, ‘how can I find Thai food?’

So we wanted to do a Thai food site.”

Thai Translates is also planning to launch a website with English subtitles, but so far it hasn’t been released.

The company is still working on the site, and there are plans to update it with more Thai content in the future.

“I think it’s a great way to connect with other Thai and/or Indonesian consumers,” Pham says.

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