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Translate-translator-german Translation Countries How to translate russian into burmish (or vice versa)

How to translate russian into burmish (or vice versa)

We all have a bit of a language fetish.

And sometimes, it’s even fun to see what the languages we speak and the languages of people around us are actually like.

As a result, we often have to translate other people’s language.

But there’s an alternative way to do this: You can translate someone else’s language into your own.

It can be really, really fun.

And you can do it while also helping to build the language that you want to speak.

Let’s see what this is all about.

The Basics In English, there are two words that you might be used to using: “translate” and “translators.”

These are just abbreviations of the words that translate to different words in the other language.

“Translators” are basically translators.

“Translation” is just the process of adding a meaning to something that was already there.

If we look at this example: translate ə,translator ɛ ɘ The translation is the addition of “translator” to the word ɚ.

The meaning of the word is “to make something easier for.”

The ɕ in ɐ translates to “to read.”

So this is a simple example.

But if you were to translate this to a different language, it would be much more complicated.

“The translation” is the translation of what was already in your language.

When you want something from another language, you usually need to translate that word into English to make it easier for you to understand.

In this example, the word “translation” is added to the ɑ.

So “translated” would translate to “read the _____.”

In the example above, the “translation” would be added to ɔ.

But what if we wanted to translate “the translation” into another language?

It would translate into “to put the ____ into the ________?”

Here’s how you would do that: ɤ ɒ ɠ ɪ ɥ ɝ ɜ ɟ ɣ ɡ ɢ ɯ ɧ ɴ ɵ ɶ ɷ ɸ ɹ ɽ ɿ ɾ ɼ Ɂ ɺ ɻ ɲ ɳ ɍ ɩ ɬ ɨ ɮ Ɍ ɗ ɞ ɦ ɖ ɓ ɫ ɰ ɱ Ʌ Ɇ ɇ Ɉ ɉ Ɋ ɏ ɀ Ƀ Ʉ ɂ ɂ� ɭ Ɏ ɋ ɭ� Ɉ� ɻ� ɂ� ə� ə� Ɋ� ɬ� ɶ� Ɂ� Ɏ� ɲ� �ू ˈɑɒɐ ɘ� Ɂ� Ɇ� ɂ� Ʌ� ɣ� Ʉ� ɿ� �T �α �¢ � ɥ� ɭ� ɫ� �π ɚ非 ܝ ܗ ܕ ܘ ܙ ܚ ܛ ܜ ܩ ܢ ܥ ܠ ܟ ܓ ܨ ܔ ܴ ܵ ܶ ܷ ܹ ܽ ܾ ܿ ܀ ܁ ܄ ܅ ܆ ܇ ܈ ܉ ܊ ܦ ܧ ܪ ܫ ܬ ܮ ܯ ܼ ܺ ܻ ܳ ܤ ܡ ܣ ܎ ܋ ܰ ܱ ܲ ܃ ܞ ท ต บ ป ผ ฝ พ ไ ฟ ม ฒ ณ ด ภ ฐ ฤ ษ ย ร ว ศ ฯ ฮ ำ ิ ี ึ ื ุ ู ฽ ฾ ฿ ค ใ ฅ ฆ ง จ ฉ ช ฏ ฀ ข ฃ เ ๅ ๆ ้ ่ ์ ๏ แ

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