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Ancient greek text translator ‘could translate to English’

A ‘translator’ is using the ancient language of Greece to translate ancient texts to English, according to a translation by Google Translate.

A ‘translate’ in Ancient Greek means a person or group of people that is able to translate a text in an ancient language.

Google Translate’s new translation of the Ancient Greek is an English translation of ancient Greek that translates text in the ancient Greek language.

The original text was in ancient Greek and has been translated into modern English.

According to the New Scientist article Ancient Greek was written around 500BC.

Ancient Greek texts have been passed down through generations, according Google Translators, as the language has undergone significant changes over the centuries.

The original text of Ancient Greek has been published as a book in Ancient Greece, with the ancient text translated into English, the article said.

Translators in Ancient Greeks often take the time to read ancient texts and translate them into English.

The language of the ancient texts was written on tablets and was used for writing documents such as calendars, as well as the ancient script for writing coins, according the article.

In 2016, Google Translator launched a translation service that allows users to translate texts to different languages, according its website.

At the time, the service offered two ways to do this: one, you could create a translation from the original text to English.

Second, you can also make a translation to the other language of interest, and the other way is to create a separate translation from your own language to English or another language of your choice.

One of the first translations that came from Google Translation was the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, which were written by an Egyptian teacher, the New Yorker said in 2016.

After the New York Times published the hieroglypsic book, Google removed the translation from their site, but the service continued to work with Google, the report said.

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