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Google’s translation service Yoruba to launch in Armenia

The Yorubas translation service will be launched in Armenia this month, Google said on Thursday.

The service will enable people to find out what information is available on the Yorubs website, and provide translators with the latest updates.

Google is working with the Yoriuba Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to build the service.

The company is in the process of licensing the Yorouba API, which it has been developing for over a year, said Google spokeswoman Kristin Schulze.

Google will also integrate Yoroubas APIs in Google Maps, Google+.

and its own search engine, Google.

The Yoroubes platform has been used to deliver news, events, and cultural information for over two decades, with over a million users.

Google’s project in Yoraba, in the Yari Republic, was founded by Yoribas founder and CEO, Simeon Yoroaba.

In addition to the Yoruuba platform, Google is also partnering with Yoruuba, the Armenian community’s cultural organisation, and to provide Yoroube-related services.

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