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The word morse code has many meanings

English, french, danish, morsecode,dutch translation,morqcan source Google Translate (DE) title Morse code is a language for computers article Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Spanish source Google Translation (US) title How to translate morse codes into your own language?

article Morsecode is a type of code used to code messages into text.

The language is derived from morse language, which is the code for writing characters.

Morsecodes can also be used to encrypt text.

Morqchic code is an alternative, where characters are encoded in a different code, with some of the characters having special meaning.

A dictionary of morsecodes is available on the website

The word is derived form the word morsel, meaning a piece of meat or fruit, according to Wikipedia.

The meaning of the word is unknown.

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