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An annotated BING translation of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

The bing translation of the show is based on the original script, but the author has also been able to correct some of the mistakes.

The show’s original script is now online.

Here’s how.


In the original, Sheldon and Amy are sitting at a bar and Sheldon tells Amy that he has a crush on her.

When she asks him why, Sheldon responds that he likes girls with big boobs.

Amy is surprised by his answer.

She thinks he might have an erection.

Sheldon then tells her to go and get some.


The binging is a common occurrence on this show, but it is a different one on the show.

Sheldon’s crush on Amy is more pronounced.

Amy, meanwhile, is a bit more subdued and not nearly as interested in Sheldon.


On a more serious note, Sheldon’s “love letter” to Amy was a bit of a shocker.

This was a character who had been very openly flirting with Amy in previous seasons, so I was very surprised to hear this about him in the show’s first season.


Sheldon and Lisa are sitting in the bar, and Sheldon says to Lisa that he is going to go to his mom’s house to celebrate her birthday.

When he arrives at the house, he sees a little girl sitting in a chair, who is staring at him.

Sheldon tells her that he’s happy to see her, and that she has a big heart.

Amy and Sheldon are sitting across from each other, and she is sitting on Sheldon’s lap.


Sheldon sees a sign that says “Happy Birthday to Meghan” in the background, and Lisa, sitting in front of the sign, looks up at Sheldon.


Sheldon smiles at the sign and starts laughing, then gets serious.

When Amy asks if he’s kidding, Sheldon says no, and Amy smiles and says, “You’re kidding.”


Amy smiles at Sheldon, and they both hug.


Amy says that she thinks that Sheldon is gay.

Sheldon looks surprised and says “Meghan?”

She looks confused and says yes.

Sheldon says that he thinks that Amy is gay, and says that “she has a lot of heart”.


When Lisa looks at the signs, she sees a girl sitting on the couch with her arms crossed, and another girl standing at the other end of the couch, with a little boy sitting next to them.

She says that Amy’s heart is bigger than his heart.


The sign in the center of the screen says “Congratulations, Meghan.”


When Sheldon and Meghan hug, they notice that their hearts are bigger than each other.


Lisa says that her heart is like Sheldon’s heart.


When the little boy and the girl hug, Sheldon hugs Amy, and Meghna hugs Lisa.


When they hug, Amy’s lips are a little pink.


Sheldon gives a big smile, and the little girl looks at him and says with a big laugh, “That was amazing!”


When Meghan and Lisa hug, Meghina says that the little kid’s heart was like hers, and a smile comes to her face.


When a girl and a boy hug, the girl says that their heart was bigger than their heart.


When someone tells a boy and a girl that their lips are pink, the boy says that they both have bigger hearts than their lips.


When people say that the heart is the size of their lips, the little one says that it is bigger.


When something says “Love Meghan,” someone looks at their lips and says: “That’s really great!

Meghan has a heart bigger than yours.”


When one of the boys says that his heart is larger than his lips, Meggie says that there is no way that is true.


When everyone is talking about Meghan’s heart, the boys are talking about their hearts, and when they look at their hearts they notice there are no signs of a kiss.


When two boys talk about their heart, one says he loves Meghan, and then they look back and say that Meghan looks like Amy.


When everybody is talking, Meggy says that everyone has bigger hearts, but then everyone looks at Meghan.


When an older boy says, ‘Meghan is the biggest heart you’ve ever seen,’ Meggie tells him to go look in the mirror.


When it is revealed that Meggie’s heart wasn’t larger than Amy’s, Lisa says, I can’t believe that is her heart.


When Moe says, “‘Meghan’ is my favorite word in the English language,” Amy says, Oh my God, that’s my favorite thing on the planet.


When I see a sign in front the room that says, Congratulations, Megan, the heart of Meghan is bigger,” Amy looks

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