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When the world will know what it has missed?

At a time when a new president has been elected, some people are wondering when a major crisis might strike.

On Sunday, there will be a major national crisis in Venezuela, with Maduro facing accusations of taking advantage of an economic crisis.

The president has denied the charges, but Maduro’s political opponents are using the crisis to draw attention to their discontent with the country’s leader.

They are hoping that by highlighting the economic crisis, they can pressure Maduro into accepting a political solution.

But in the end, a crisis in the world’s biggest oil producer has the potential to turn into a major political crisis.

“We have the same thing with the United States.

We have a new administration,” said Dr. Carlos Carrasquillo, a Venezuelan physician.

“We need a new political system.

If they (the U.S. administration) want to fix things, they need to fix it.”

But Carrasqillo said it is not the case that Venezuela’s crisis will end in the near future.

The U.N. Security Council has voted to sanction Maduro, but Venezuela has already withdrawn its ambassadors.

Many Venezuelans have left the country, including many students.

A political solution could take a long time to emerge from the crisis, Carrasque said.

“It’s very likely that this will take a year or two to get there,” Carrasquet said.

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