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Which are the most popular Hindi movies and TV shows in the world?

The news that Hindi movie maker and director Kapoor had died at age 95 has triggered a flurry of online discussion.

Many are still mourning his passing, with some lamenting that the Hindi language has lost a cultural icon, while others are calling for the revival of the language.

Many are calling on the makers of Hindi movies, including Kapoor’s former wife, Deepika Padukone, to revive the language and make it more accessible to all, saying the medium was the only one that could do it.

They also want the Hindi film industry to get more diversity in its workforce.

The Indian Film Industry Association said the country has more than 100 million people with no knowledge of Hindi.

The association’s president, Deepak Parekh, said: “We have been trying to create more awareness about Hindi.

We have been working hard to educate the industry.

Now, I am sure we will be able to achieve it.”

The country’s first major Hindi film festival, the National Hindi Film Festival, which was held in 2015, was held on May 26 in Hyderabad.

The festival is a joint venture between the government of India and the Telugu-language film industry.

It is the first such joint event in the country.

In an interview with Reuters earlier this month, Padukon said the Indian film industry had lost a legend in the past few years and was suffering because of it.

“The industry needs more diversity.

I feel it is a time when we have to revive it,” she said.”

I think that the films that are being made now are not as good as the movies that were made in the last 15 years,” she added.

Kapoor’s death has caused a stir in India, as has the fact that his daughter, Deepa Kapoor, has made a film in the language, the first Hindi film to do so.

The movie, called Khandi Bhojpuriya, was released in February, but it is not yet available in English.

“Deepika’s film is a good representation of the current mood of the film industry,” Paduko said.

“We are trying to revive Hindi cinema.

I have always been against Hindi movies being made in English, but this film was a good effort.”

Her film, which follows the journey of an aspiring actress who dreams of becoming a director, was a huge hit.

But many in the industry say the film has not done enough to attract audiences and it has not been received well in the wider film community.

The film had been nominated for several awards including Best Foreign Language Film at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and was awarded the prestigious National Film Award for Best Documentary in 2018.

The film is due to be released in Hindi in March.

The actress, who also starred in a film titled Khandiya, which has since been released in English by the same company, said she was saddened to hear that her father had passed away.

“I am very sad.

My heart is full of grief,” she told Reuters in an interview.

“He was a legend, he was an icon.

The only person who could do this was him.”

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