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When the New York Times published a fake

about you and your family article source New Yorker article title The New York Post published an article claiming you and a friend were a couple article New York, NY — A fake article published in the New Yorker Magazine in January 2015 claimed that you and an unidentified friend had been engaged to become married, with no substantiated information to support the claim.

You and the unnamed friend told the magazine that you were engaged to be married.

The article also claimed that they had had an affair.

The magazine apologized for the article.

The New York Daily News reported on January 21, 2015 that a former New York Police Department detective who worked undercover on the street corner where the story was published told The Daily News that the story is a fabrication.

The detective told The News that he was the only person who ever wrote the story and that he did not know the person who published it.

The detectives name was redacted.

The New Yorker’s editor, Noah Berger, told The New Republic on February 7, 2015, that the article is not authentic.

The story about your husband, who has not been identified, was published on the front page of the New Republic article on January 25, 2015.

Berger said that it was the first time the story has been published online.

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