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Translate-translator-german Translation Newsroom What we know about the French version of ‘Hamilton’ and how the new show is going to affect the U.S. presidential election

What we know about the French version of ‘Hamilton’ and how the new show is going to affect the U.S. presidential election

The cast of “Hamilton” has become one of the biggest stars in American entertainment.

But what is the French-language version of the show, and how will it impact the U.

“Hamilton” is a show that is popular in the United States but not yet widely known outside of the country.

The series is a hit in France, and its cast includes members of the U.-S.

political spectrum and members of its most controversial characters.

What are the biggest differences between the French and American versions?

French version (right) The French version was launched on June 17 and was widely lauded as a bold new way to express American values and the spirit of freedom, equality, and democracy.

The French show has been criticized for its treatment of the French President, who is played by American actor and comedian Hamilton, who won the 2016 Tony Award for Best Actor.

In the show’s second season, “Hamilton,” the President of the United State is a white man, played by actor Jonathan Groff.

Groff is a Republican and has said that “Hamilton’s” characters are “just trying to do the right thing” and are “not racists or xenophobes.”

But he is also a Trump supporter who has said he will not support President Donald Trump in 2020.

In the French show, Hamilton is a young man with a troubled past and is struggling to make it as a lawyer.

He is the son of a slave owner, and he is a good student, but his parents, who are wealthy, are struggling to keep him out of trouble.

He also has a complex relationship with his grandmother, a former slave who he has a strained relationship with and who is now his mother.

He has an affair with his sister and is romantically involved with his girlfriend.

The American version of “The King” is also very different from the French.

American actor Jason Momoa plays a young black man in the show who is a lawyer and a brilliant scientist.

While the French series is more grounded, it does have some of the same characters and themes as the American version, including racism, sexism, and classism.

But the American show has also received backlash for its portrayal of the President.

How the French language is different from American?

The French language was invented in the 1600s by French philosophers and scientists.

It is a form of written French, and it was adopted in America by the first settlers in the New World.

“Hamilton” premiered in 2017.

The American version premiered in 2018.

French-speaking fans of the shows English-language counterparts are not familiar with the show.

French is a language that is almost entirely spoken in France.

French speakers also use the French alphabet, and many French-speakers are fluent in the language.

Why do some people say the French is better?

“Hamilton”‘s cast includes people who are not necessarily the most well-known names in Hollywood.

The show is set in the American South, and the American audience is mostly white.

In French, a black man, Pierre Hamilton, is portrayed by British actor Jeffrey Wright.

Wright, a British-American, has spoken out against Trump and said that he will support Clinton in 2020 and is also opposed to the Paris climate agreement.

What do the French versions of “King” and “The Prince of Wales” have in common?

“The King,” based on the 1812 play “La Belle Époque,” is a satire on a monarch.

The play is a popular satire of royal dynasties in the British Isles.

The cast includes the famous “dame d’un coup d’etat,” the wife of King Louis XV of France.

In “The Queen of Versailles,” the title character, a young woman, is played out of court by American actress Eliza Dushku.

At the same time, “The Princess of Wales,” based off of the 1851 novel “Les Cœurs de L’Etoile,” is based on a woman who was one of King George V’s concubines.

The plot is set on a French island, and King George is the leader of the rebellion.

Which one is better?: “The Royal Family” “King” has been hailed as the best musical in decades.

The Broadway hit “The Musical” won two Tony Awards, and in 2017, “King of Versas” was named the best movie in the Academy Awards.

The new Broadway show “The Crown” is set to be released this fall.

A new musical based on “The Shakespeare Company’s” “Hamlet” has also been set to debut in 2017 in New York City.

The musical will be written and performed by Michael Gambon, who wrote and performed the lead role in “Hamilton.”

Gambon will be the musical’s original star, and his production of “Hamlets” will be based on

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